Faces | Living testimonies from the past

B-Jo, one day before (2015) — 90x70cm
Zyied, minutes after (2015) — 200x120cm

Digital Photography

B-Jo : B&W coal piezography on Kozo Fine Art paper by Awagami 110g
Zyied: High definition pigment ink jet on Fine Art paper Museum by Canson 315g
Unique print run for each.

Life then death. Portraits as living testimonies from the past.

This series presents portraits of famous and unknown people just before or just after they disappeared in a peculiar way or context.

B-Jo (Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones) portrait was extracted from his last interview some days before he drowned. This interview was featured in the Rolling Stones’ Crossfire Hurricane documentary (2012).

Zyied portrait is a tiny photo ID found on a suicide-bombing site in Damascus in 2013 march, during war in Syria. The name “Zyied” was written in arabic on the back side of the photo but without knowing exactly to whom it belonged to…


— Additional portrait works are currently in progress.