UH60 / Fall

UH60 / Fall (2019-2020) — 208x142cm

A collision | A decomposition

High definition pigment ink jet on Fine Art paper by Canson 315g
Unique print run

Without knowing why, I kept for a long time a picture of a US helicopter destroyed during a mission in the Iraq war in the fall of 2004. Several years ago, I had been very impressed by a TV documentary dedicated to the stress of war and the resulting destruction.

In the foreground of the photo, next to the carcass of the destroyed and already sandbagged aircraft, I remember the helmet of one of the pilots who had been left behind. I don’t know why, but that picture terrified me, I saw there a sad symbol of human weakness and distress, a pitiful and absurd scene that I kept in mind for a long time.

I contrasted a vivid and chaotic scene of dead leaves with an analogy to the season of that accident, the fall and destruction of that abandoned war machine and the men who were flying it.

Basically, I believe that UH60/FALL is a collision between natural death cycles and deliberate destruction.